I am always available to discuss making a bespoke piece of jewellery for you. Here are a couple of pieces I have made for customers recently.

Green tourmaline ring with coloured diamonds

I was asked to make a ring with a diamond surround. Having come up with a number of sketched ideas, the client and I spent some time together discussing how the border should look, and what colour the central stone should be. I had recently made a great contact for coloured diamonds in Arizona, so I had a parcel sent over and sat with the client to choose the stones to go around the edge.

I have a collection of loose stones at my studio, and from this, she chose a really beautiful green tourmaline. However, it was too small to use as the central stone, so the challenge was to find something a little larger. On a buying trip to the States, I found a beautiful 14ct Madagascan tourmaline.

After finalising the design, I made a mock-up of the ring in silver for her to try. The beauty of this is that it gives the customer a tangible, real life piece to try on. They see how it feels and sits, its different angles, and how the stones will be arranged. Having made the necessary adjustments, the final ring was made in 18ct yellow gold. Generally from this point, the next time a client is involved is when the box is being opened…

Butterfly cuff

This commission came about when an existing customer of mine liked a dragonfly cuff which was displayed on my stand at Goldsmiths’ Fair last year. Instead of replicating that piece, the customer was keen for us to create something new, this time featuring a butterfly. I came up with a variety of possible butterfly and background designs, and through discussion we ended up with the pairing that you see above. The finished piece incorporated a number of stones that particularly appealed to my customer, and fitted with the exquisitely colourful nature of a butterfly.